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Centenary Celebrations - Details and Registration Form

Friday 2 April - Sunday 4 April 2010

For details and final schedule, see the Centenary Celebrations brochure [877kB, PDF]
To register, download and print this form: Official Registration Form [79kB, PDF]

Centenary Celebrations - Draft schedule

Friday 2 April - Sunday 4 April 2010

  • Friday 2 April: Conversatione
    Welcome and Mix & Mingle at Eric Adam Park Clubrooms at 7pm. An informal social evening for players, officials and supporters with light snacks provided and club bar in operation.
  • Saturday 3 April: Games and Gala Dinner
    • Junior fixtures involving Coastal Spirit teams at Bexley from 10am-11am. Opportunity for adults to have a kick-around at Bexley 11am-2pm - roll on and off as often as you like.
    • First round of Mainland Football games for 2010 season in the afternoon, an opportunity to watch the current Coastal Spirit first teams.
    • Jubilee Dinner Saturday evening from 7pm at Horticultural Society Function Centre in Hagley Park Linfield Sports, 56 Kearneys Road. Three-course meal and entertainment.
  • Sunday 4 April: Golf Tournament
    Team Ambrose format (4 players per team). On-course sausage sizzle and after-match finger food provided. Book as an individual or group of 4. Non-players welcome to meet at Avondale Golf Club at 5.30 pm for drinks and nibbles.

The Hurley Shield was formerly the Canterbury FA's 1st Division Championship. Some years after the Southern League was formed the Hurley Shield became a pre-season tournament. The Hurley Shield was reinstated as the trophy for the Canterbury Premier League winners in 1999 and 2000. In 2007, the Shield became a challenge trophy -a similar format to rugby's Ranfurly Shield.


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2-4 April 2010

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